Tuesday, 3 January 2023

[Book 72] Boxer's Bible of Counterpunching: The Killer Response to Any Attack

Serial No.:- 72 

Boxer's Bible of Counterpunching

Category:- Informative Book (11. Sports and Games )

Book:- Boxer's Bible of Counterpunching: The Killer Response to Any Attack

Author:- Mark Hatmaker

Language:- English

Publisher:- Tracks Publishing, U.S.

Published on:- 1 October, 2012

No. of Pages:- 163

My after reading review (January 3, 2023):- In any martial arts only attack and defense is not enough, we must counter. 

Previously I have read a book called "Boxing Mastery", which was all about boxing attack and different defensive moves. And now I read the second part of this boxing book series called "Boxers Bible of Counterpunching". And this book is all about counter strike, which is a must to win any fight. 

In any fight attack, defense and counter are the fundamental elements. During any fight all three work together and sequentially. In the absence of any one of these three elements, the puzzle remains incomplete. A fighter must master all three of them and need to learn how to apply them together.

The book contents three major parts -
1. Defenses per punch
2. Pragmatic first measures
3. Combination menus

It was a worth reading.

Thank you.

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