Sunday, 28 May 2023

[Book 76] Think Like Sherlock: Creatively Solve Problems, Think with Clarity, Make Insightful Observations & Deductions, and Develop Quick & Accurate Instincts

Serial No.:- 76 

Think Like Sherlock

Category:- Informative Book (8. Self Help & Spirituality)

Book:- Think Like Sherlock: Creatively Solve Problems, Think with Clarity, Make Insightful Observations & Deductions, and Develop Quick & Accurate Instincts

Author:- Peter Hollins

Language:- English

Publisher:- Pkcs Media Inc.

Published on:- December 6, 2019

No. of Pages:- 230

My After Reading Opinion (May 28, 2023):- Mr. Sherlock Holmes, a consulting detective, is known for his proficiency with sharp observation, deduction, forensic science and logical reasoning. Holmes's intellectual genius characteristic fascinates millions of readers all over the world, including me, since 1887. He solves almost any investigating cases for a wide variety of clients like no one ever did before. 

“The Name Is Sherlock Holmes, and the Address Is 221B Baker Street”.  ❤️

And of course, the Scottish writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle proved his genius writing skill when he created this fictional character "Sherlock Holmes".

And our own famous Bengali Private Investigator Feluda's (Sherlock Holmes of Bengal) writer Satyajit Ray wrote his own detective series inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle's work.

Detective stories has always been one of my favourite genre. I spend most of my teenage dreaming about being a detective and solving crime mysteries just like Holmes, Feluda, Byomkesh and live the advantageous, thriller life.

But when I grown up, I changed my mind. I let my imagination live deep into my imagination. Nah! always  running after dangerous criminals, and dealing with bad guys is not my type of job. In reality, I am a bit more coward dump.😁 Instead of catching a criminal, I might get dead by that bad guy sooner or later.😜

So why did I pick that book to read? To be a detective like Holmes in near future? Of course not. Even the author didn't write this book to teach you how to be a good detective. 

Holmes was a genius in his field no double. He had many powerful characteristics that made him so successful in his career. He could solve a complicated mystery within a fraction of a second. His sharp observation ability, problem solving skills, quick decision making and logical reasoning helped him to come up with the correct conclusion every time. Also he was a very intelligent and knowledgeable person with expertise in many fields.

We can learn from him and adopt some of his skills. We can apply them in our daily life to make our life much easier. 

We will be able to see the world in a different perspective. The way he observe, the way he think, the way he take decision and execute his action are powerful skills to learn. Those life hacks will increase our ability to handle our problems and to solve them easily and effectively. 

Add them to your daily habits and practice to master it to think like Sherlock Holmes.

The author mention those following skills one needs to master.

1. Think Like Sherlock Holmes

2. Thinking Outside The Box

3. Observations and Deductive Reasoning

4. Shift Your Perspective

5. Think Critically

He describes how to practice and master those skills. How human psychology works in specific situations. Some myths and misconception about how our brain's cognitive system works and how to effectively use our brain for critical thinking as a problem solver.

Saturday, 27 May 2023

[Book 75] The Gentleman's Guide to Grooming: The Art of Male Grooming by Dan Jones

Serial No.:- 75 

The Gentleman's Guide to Grooming

Category:- Informative Book (4. Health & Fitness)

Book:- The Gentleman's Guide to Grooming: The Art of Male Grooming

Author:- Dan Jones

Language:- English

Publisher:- Hardie Grant Books (UK)

Published on:- October 4, 2018

No. of Pages:- 176

My after reading opinion (May 27, 2023):- Grooming for men? I was just a foreign language to me. I never took it seriously? I never thought grooming is required for men too. "It's just a waste of time. Grooming is girly thing.", that was my opinion on men's grooming for my entire life. 

Probably I never needed to take extra care of my hair, skin, face etc. Just because I was young, I had my natural glams. But now I am no more eighteen and getting older day by day. I am not the exact person with the exact same glam I had when I was young. That's why probably now I am considering to start to take a few basic care of myself. 

And second reason for taking interest in basic grooming is probably the modern days trends for men's grooming. I feel like I am the only one in the world who never uses a basic sunscreen or facewash in his entire life. I feel like I am left out. I am the only backward old fashioned man in the entire biosphere who never give a single sec. in his entire life in grooming.

After reading this basic men's grooming essential book, I feel like I was wrong in so many aspect about it. Grooming is not just some overused cosmetic products mainly used by professional models and people involved in fashion and glamour industry. Rather, basic grooming means to stay clean, proper hygiene and take cake of your sensitive body parts in a very basic scientific way. Such as, sunscreen protects our facial skin from the harmful UV rays coming from sun. But I never use sunscreen in my entire life. The book also says our facial skin is much more softer than the skin of rest of our body. Bath soap is suitable for our body but not for our softer facial skin. For that one you need proper face wash suitable for your skin type. But I have been using soap to clean my face since I born.

It's just like we take care of our internal body parts with proper exercises, diat and proper sleep. Similarly we also need to take care of our outer body. It is essential.

The book is a very basic and useful for primary grooming knowledge. As most of the men in the world are ordinary commoners, just like me, and not from fashion and glamour world. From that perspective, it's suitable for every men regarding their age, social status and life style.

In this book the author covers six major topics - face, shave (beard and mustache), hair, body, wellness (exercise and meditation) and style (men's dressing guide.)

Physical exercise and meditation is nothing new to me. And men's dressing guide is a separate huge topic, which is not possible being covered in just a single chapter. You need to read separate books on "men's dressing guide" to learn more on it. But still author tries to cover a few basic essential knowledge on dressing and style  in his book.

During reading this book, my main focus was on those first four topics - face, shave, hair and body. The knowledge I get from this book is helpful for day to day self care.

Lastly, the book is filled with colourful, nicely designed illustrations for demonstration and well written by an expert author in his field. It was fun reading.

Sunday, 2 April 2023

[Book 74] Wyckoff 2.0: Structures, Volume Profile and Order Flow

Serial No.:- 74 

Wyckoff 2.0

Category:- Informative Book (2. Business & Investing)

Book:- Wyckoff 2.0: Structures, Volume Profile and Order Flow

Author:- Rubén Villahermosa

Language:- English

Publisher:- Independently Published

Published on:- April 8, 2022

No. of Pages:- 342

My after reading review (April 02, 2023):-  This is the second part of this Wyckoff trading analysis book series. First I read the part one which was all about basics of financial market. And this one is all about institutional trading methods.

This book covers three main methodologies - 

  1. Wyckoff Methodology
  2. Auction Theory
  3. Order Flow
    • Market Profile, Volume Profile
    • VWAP, VPOC
    • DOM, Footprint, Cumulative Delta etc.

It also shows how to combine and apply all three methods to do institutional market analysis and get the maximum benefits out of it.

But I need to reread few parts of this book to get more clear understanding of some concepts. Also I need to apply them practically and experiment different analysis to see what is working for me.

Sunday, 12 March 2023

[Book 73] The Wyckoff Methodology in Depth: How to trade financial markets logically

Serial No.:- 73 

The Wyckoff Methodology in Depth

Category:- Informative Book (2. Business & Investing)

Book:- The Wyckoff Methodology in Depth: How to trade financial markets logically

Author:- Rubén Villahermosa

Language:- English

Publisher:- Independently Published

Published on:- 30 October 2019 

No. of Pages:- 248

My after reading review (March 12, 2023):- Recently I am trying to find good books to learn order flow trading analysis. I have already read two books on it, but it didn't work because of poorly written and shallow information on that topics. So I get the third book named "Wyckoff 2.0: Structures, Volume Profile and Order Flow".

But it is the second part of that "Wyckoff" series. And in the beginning of the book the author requested to read the first part of this book series first to understand the second part in a better way.

So I read this book "The Wyckoff Methodology in Depth" first to double check if I am missing some basic stuffs on market trading before I move to the second part.

Most of them in this book are already known to me. The book covers basics of market - supply and demand, support and resistance zone, the roles of buyers and sellers, volume, how the financial market moves etc.

But if you are new to the world of financial market then it's good to finish the book first to get some basic foundations before move on to some advance market analysis books.

Tuesday, 3 January 2023

[Book 72] Boxer's Bible of Counterpunching: The Killer Response to Any Attack

Serial No.:- 72 

Boxer's Bible of Counterpunching

Category:- Informative Book (11. Sports and Games )

Book:- Boxer's Bible of Counterpunching: The Killer Response to Any Attack

Author:- Mark Hatmaker

Language:- English

Publisher:- Tracks Publishing, U.S.

Published on:- 1 October, 2012

No. of Pages:- 163

My after reading review (January 3, 2023):- In any martial arts only attack and defense is not enough, we must counter. 

Previously I have read a book called "Boxing Mastery", which was all about boxing attack and different defensive moves. And now I read the second part of this boxing book series called "Boxers Bible of Counterpunching". And this book is all about counter strike, which is a must to win any fight. 

In any fight attack, defense and counter are the fundamental elements. During any fight all three work together and sequentially. In the absence of any one of these three elements, the puzzle remains incomplete. A fighter must master all three of them and need to learn how to apply them together.

The book contents three major parts -
1. Defenses per punch
2. Pragmatic first measures
3. Combination menus

It was a worth reading.

Thank you.