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[Book 68] Jiu-Jitsu University by Saulo Ribeiro with Kevin Howell

Serial No.:- 68

Jiu-Jitsu University

Category:- Informative Book (11. Sports and Games )

Book:- Jiu-Jitsu University

Author:- Saulo Ribeiro with Kevin Howell

Language:- English

Publisher:- Victory Belt Publishing

Published on:- 17 November 2008

No. of Pages:- 368

My after reading review (July 10, 2022):- As a mixed martial art student I must learn and master ground fight as well as striking. To get stronger and superior you must know grappling better. I had so many confusions and doubts about grappling. To clear most of those doubts I bought this "Jiu Jitsu University" book.

Also I am a theoretical learner. So without knowing the theory I can't do practical parts, though I do practice but most of the concepts go ahead of my head. Even if I am able to understand some methods and strategies of this game, I forgot in a few days very quickly.

This Jiu Jitsu book is a great book to learn grappling skills. Even though the author didn't include the takedown and throw parts from the standing position. This is one of the biggest drawback of this book. You have to buy other book for takedown and throw separately.

The book contents five sections -
1. Survival
2. Escape
3. Guard
4. Guard Pass
5. Submission
Among them, author covers survival, escape and submission sections in a very shallow way. He just touches some basic topics here and there.

But, the guard and guard pass sections are covered in a very deep way. I must say this book is great for guard and guard passer. The speciallity of this book is guard and guard pass. I didn't know that there are so many other guards outside just full guard and half guard. Such as -
1. Butterfly Guard
2. Spider Guard
3. Sit Up Guard
4. Cross Grip Guard
5. Da Le Riva
6. Reverse Da Le Riva
7. X Guard
8. Inverse Guard
9. Turtle Guard

The book is also well organized and written in an easy and clear english with lots of clear colour pictures for demonstration purpose.

However only one book is not enough to learn and master any skills. We must rely on other writers' books. And lastly "Knowing knowledge is not enough, we must apply".

Thank you.




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