Monday, 7 February 2022

[Book 66] Data Entry: Skillbuilding and Applications by Career Solutions Training Group

Serial No.:- 66

Data Entry: Skillbuilding and Applications

Category:- Informative Book (10. Education & Reference)

Book:- Data Entry: Skillbuilding and Applications

Author:- Career Solutions Training Group

Language:- English

Publisher:- South-Western; Pap/Cdr edition

Published on:- 26 January 2004

No. of Pages:- 432

My after reading review (February 07, 2022):- Everybody heard about data entry operator jobs. Most of then know that data entry means some typist and spreadsheet services. But, it's more than that. Data entry itself is a big umbrella. Under it, there are so many different services. Based on the working types we can divide data entry jobs into several classifications.
Such as -
1. Data Cleansing
Data Cleansing involves organizing information stored in databases so that it is accurate and up to date. Data cleansing helps with storing information in a correct way by removing inaccurate and duplicated information.  Another term for data cleansing is data scrubbing.
Tasks: CRM update, database follow up, researching information, removing duplicates, modifying information, correcting information, finding and removing errors, etc.
2. Data Processing
Data Processing means to collect and modify information in order to analyse it or use it later. Data Processing can be useful for storing information, analysing data, filtering data, reporting, etc. The main focus of data processing is to edit the data in a way that it serves a certain purpose.
Tasks: data extraction, data capturing, entering claims, accounting and figures data entry, database creating, photo or product editing, etc.  
3. Data Classification
Data classification is the process of organizing the data into categories based on the properties and characteristics of the items. Data classification helps to store the information by sorting it so that it can be easily accessed and filtered. Data classification is also useful for AI and Machine learning software.
Tasks: classifying data, sorting data into categories, data tagging, data annotation, data indexing, classifying business cards, product data entry, etc.
4. Data Conversion
Data conversion, as the name suggests, is the process of converting data from one format to another. The data can be converted from a hard copy to a digital format or from a digital format to another (from .jpg to .pdf, from .pdf to .xml, etc.) Data conversion can be manual or machine assisted.
Tasks: audio transcription, photo editing, data typing, copying information from hand-written notes, capturing data from photo formats, etc.

I got curious to learn more about each tasks. So I decided to read a good book on it. But there are not much good book on this topics. Most of them are only on some limited topics, say word processing and excel spreadsheets. I wanted to know more about Data Entry. And I heard about the book called "Data Entry: Skillbuilding and Applications". This is quiet old book, published in 2004. It's little bit outdated. but I heard that this book was the best data entry book back in the day. Now the book is out of print, and considered as a rare book. It's being sold on a few online books retail stores and with much higher price than it's original MRP.
So I bought from an online store with high price. But after reading this book, I am very much disappointed. The book is outdated, that's not it's problem. The main problem with this one is, it didn't cover anything about the entire data entry umbrella except data entry clark jobs with only form filling. Data entry is way more than just form filling. Also the author didn't use any office suite softwares to demonstrate the works. They design their own software, which is not popular, not industry standard and not good at all.
Such a waste of money.