Tuesday, 18 January 2022

[Book 65] How to Play Chess by Claire Summerscale

Serial No.:- 65 

How to Play Chess

Category:- Informative Book (11. Sports and Games)

Book:- How to Play Chess

Author:- Claire Summerscale

Language:- English

Publisher:- DK

Published on:- 11 October 2016

No. of Pages:- 72

My after reading review (January 19, 2022):- Aha ! What a Beautiful book. If you are also a book lover like me, you will surely understand what I mean by a beautiful book. Ah! The feeling of touching high quality glossy paper book with hard binding, the smell of new book, pages are fully colour printed, full of attractive beautiful rich colour illustrations alongside with well designed layout. If you also have a book collection hobby then it's a must have book in your bookshelf. It will definitely increase the value of your collection.

Also I am a big fan of DK publishers books. They maintain the quality of their books.

Now come to the Chess part. It's a must have rule book for any chess player. Our main problem is, we don't get time or partners to play chess regularly. When cousins come home to visit or family and relatives gather for a holiday, only then do we play chess for fun and time passes. 

Chess is full of complicated rules that after a long gap when we start playing we forgot some of the rules or get confused during a game. And we start quarreling about our different opinions on chess rules. 🤣 It happens so many times to us. 

So to get rid of this problem, I decided to buy a good chess rule book. But this book is probably the best rule book in the market. Anytime we have any doubts, we open up the book and clear our confusions. It gets very handy.

The book is divided into four sections - 

1. Section one is all about introducing the game of chess and starting position rules.

2. Section two contains all chess pieces and their moves rules.

3. Section three is the basics of winning your first games.

4. And in section four, some famous tricks to beat your opponent as well as how to defend yourself from your opponent's attacking moves.

Perfect, clear and easily understandable book for anyone who wants to get their hands dirty in the game of chess.