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[Book 51] Photo Editing Basics by Margaret Brown

Serial No.-51  
Photo Editing Basics by Margaret Brown
Category:- Informative Book (Computer Skills)

Photo Editing Basics

Author:- Margaret Brown

Language:- English

Publisher:- Media Publishing Pty Ltd

Published on:- July 24, 2011

No. of Pages:- 32

My after reading review (March 24, 2020):- Recently I am doing a diploma in graphic designing. And right now I am learning Adobe Photoshop. To get more in depth knowledge I started reading different Photoshop related books. This is the first book I read and the most basic book out there. This book is a very short book, only 32 pages long. What I have learned so far about Photoshop is that this is the mother software for almost any image processing. All kinds of raster image related tasks can be done using Photoshop. And those tasks can be broadly divided into three categories -
  1. Photo Editing
  2. Graphic Designing
  3. Digital Painting
Photoshop has a vast area of applications. Even the photo editing section in general is a broad area. It can be divided into several subcategories -
i.  Basic Photo Editing
ii. Colour Correction
iii. Photo Enhancement
iv. Retouching
v. Restoration
vi. Composition
vii. Photo Manipulation

This book has been niche down into only “Basic Photo Editing”. Only basic photo editing has been discussed here and niche down even more sub niches. These are -
a. Cropping
b. Resizing
c. Brightness
d. Contrast
e. Colour Adjustment
f. Cloning
g. Healing
h. Sharpening
i. Noise Reduction
j. Red-Eye Correction
k. Dynamic Range Adjustment

In this book the author didn’t describe those topics in depth. She just mentioned them in her book. Also those editing are so basic that it can be done using any basic photo editing software out there. Learning Photoshop is not necessary for those kinds of editing.

Whatever, after reading this book I came to know what basic photo editing skills contents. Soon I will read more advanced level books on photo editing and review them here. Keep reading my blog.

Thank you.

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