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[Book 49] Drawing: For Beginners! - The Ultimate Crash Course to Learning the Basics of How to Draw In No Time

Serial No.- 49

Category:- Informative Book (1. Arts and Entertainment)

Book:- Drawing: For Beginners! - The Ultimate Crash Course to Learning the Basics of How to Draw In No Time

Author:- Amy Taggart

Language:- English

Publisher:- CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (1862)

Published:- 2014

No. of Pages:-

My after reading review (December 29, 2019):-  When I was a kid I used to do good drawing. I never learned drawing to any teacher or went to any art school. But I was good in drawing. I just drew in my leisure time just for fun. It's been years since I haven't drawn a single piece of picture. I almost forgot how to draw. Once again I need to learn drawing. As an entrepreneur for my new digital production business  I need to be a digital artist. And I have to master digital painting. 

Though this book is not about digital drawing. It's a book about traditional paper and pencil drawing. but I believe if one can draw on paper then he/she can also draw on computer digitally. To become a pro digital artist one must learn traditional drawing first. 

That is why I pick up this beginners level book and read it all through. This is a nice book for beginners like me. It helps me to understand the theory of drawing. Though this book didn't cover topics in depth. But it is nice and easy to understand basics and to start with. The book covers essential topics of drawing. Such as picking drawing tools and proper place. worming up technique before drawing, basic lines, tone, understanding forms, light and shadows, proportion and scale, perspective, texture and surface, composition, drawing figures, caricature. materials and grades and some extra drawing techniques. I have learned so much stuffs I didn't know before. Those knowledge will definitely help me to learn drawing properly.

Thanks for reading.


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