Wednesday, 23 October 2019

[Book 48] Bangalir Ranna Ghar by Kalidas Bhadra, Bela Dey

Serial No.- 48 

Category:- Informative Book (5. Cooking, Food & Drink)

Book:- Bangalir Ranna Ghar

Author:- Kalidas Bhadra, Bela Dey

Language:- Bengali

Publisher:- Ashok Book Agency

Published:- 2017

No. of Pages:- 192

My after reading review (October 23, 2019):-  In the last few years I have learn so many stuffs, increase so many skills and extra curricular activities. Then I decided why not learn cooking too. After all it is a very essential activity. I am a Bengali person. I grow up and live with Bengali foods. So at least I should learn how to cook Bengali foods.

I am a theoretical learner. Before I try to cook anything, I should read a cook book first. And I choose this book because this one is by Bela Dey. Bela Dey is a very popular and experienced name in this genre.

The  book is full of varieties recipes. Even some of them I haven't heard before. Most of the foods are rich and delicious. Some are for occasional purpose and some are for daily eating recipes. 

After reading this book I have come to know so many Bengali foods and how to prepare them. Now it's time to do some practical stuffs. Now it's time to enter the kitchen.

Wish me luck. :) 


Wednesday, 16 October 2019

[Book 47] Hacks for PUBG Players Advanced Strategies: An Unofficial Gamer's Guide

Serial No.- 47 

Category:- Informative Book (11. Sports & Games)

Book:- Hacks for PUBG Players Advanced Strategies: An Unofficial Gamer's Guide

Author:- Jason R. Rich

Language:- English

Publisher:- Racehorse Publishing

Published:- July 16, 2019

No. of Pages:- 192

My after reading review (October 16, 2019):-  Now a days PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is the new sensation of gaming industry. PUBG is a real time, multiplayer, battle game. It hit the market and soon became the most popular one among the other similar games. Right now everyone is talking about PUBG. Everyone is playing PUBG. So as a game lover person how can I be not to play the game. 

I am also enjoying PUBG in my spare time. But it seems difficult to me to win the game. To increase my gaming skills and to play like a pro gamer I grab the PUBG strategy book. The book is full of beginners, intermediate and advanced level strategy to win and to stay alive longer in the gameplay. 

Most of the strategies in this book are known to me. Even everyone can learn those strategies by playing the game few times. To learn those strategies one does not need to read any book. One can learn them by playing the game again and again. Though I found some new advanced strategies I didn't know before in the book. And those are helpful.