Monday, 1 April 2019

[Book 45] Investment Options for Teens (A Teen Guide to Investing)

Serial No.- 45

Category:- Informative Book (2. Business & Investing)

Book:- A Teen Guide to Buying Mutual Funds

Series:- A Teen Guide to Investing

Author:- Tammy Gagne

Language:- English

Publisher:- Mitchell Lane Pub Inc

Published:- July 1, 2013

No. of Pages:- 47

My after reading review (April 1, 2019):-  This is another book of "A Teems Guide to Investing" series. It's a general book on investing for teens. In this book the four types of investing according to risk has been discussed, such as - no risk, low risk, medium risk and high risk investing. And each types of investing categories different types of investing methods is mentioned. From low risk saving bank accounts to certificates of deposit, from mutual funds to bonds and even high risk stock investing. The book is mainly focused on teenagers. That's why the author describes everything very briefly.