Sunday, 31 March 2019

[Book 44] A Teen Guide to Buying Mutual Funds (Teen Guide to Investing)

Serial No.- 44

Category:- Informative Book (2. Business & Investing)

Book:- A Teen Guide to Buying Mutual Funds

Series:- A Teen Guide to Investing

Author:- Marylou Morano Kjelle

Language:- English

Publisher:- Mitchell Lane Publishers

Published:- July 1, 2013

No. of Pages:- 47

My after reading review (April 1, 2019):-  I heard about mutual funds before but I didn't know what mutual funds actually is. I came to know more about it until I decided to invest. And this teen guide book helps me very well to understand the basic concepts of mutual funds.

This book is good for newbie like me. It describes what mutual funds actually is, different types of funds, some pros and cons of mutual funds, the risks involve in it, the income process and lastly how to invest in mutual funds.


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