Saturday, 30 March 2019

[Book 43] A Dividend Stock Strategy for Teens (A Teen Guide to Investing)

Serial No.- 43  

Category:- Informative Book (2. Business & Investing)

Book:- A Dividend Stock Strategy for Teens

Series:- A Teen Guide to Investing

Author:- Tammy Gagne

Language:- English

Publisher:- Mitchell Lane Pub Inc

Published:- July 1, 2013

No. of Pages:- 48

My after reading review (March 30, 2019):- For a long time I have been thinking to start investing my money. But from where should I start? Dividend stock is one good option for starter. But what about knowledge? I have no prior experience in any financial market. Also I am not a commerce student. Stock market seems complicated to me. So I decided to start reading from easy book. That's why I pick up a teens guide book. 

The author Tammy Gagne wrote more than seventy-five books both for adults and children. over the last decade. She has proven herself a well known investing author. The book "A Dividend Stock Strategy for Teens" is a book of her teens investing series "A Teen Guide to Investing". 

This book is written specially for teens. So obviously this book is easy to understand comes with very basic level knowledge. It's not enough knowledge to start investing immediately after reading the book. But it gives you a very basic and nice overview about dividend payout. 


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