Monday, 25 March 2019

[Book 42] Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners by Oliver Theobald

Serial No.- 42 

Category:- Informative Book (9. Science & Technology)

Book:- Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners

Author:- Oliver Theobald

Language:- English

Publisher:- Scatterplot Press

Published:- February 18, 2017 (1st edition)

No. of Pages:- 131

My after reading review (March 25, 2019):- Machine Learning definitely is not an easy to understand topic. That's why I am reading more books on that same topic to revise and clear the concepts. this machine learning book I read is also a very basic book. It'a for general reader and easy to understand.

The book covers more about data science and the four major components of data science - big data, machine learning, data mining and artificial intelligence. Again the author describes those topics very briefly and made it easy to understand for everyone.


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