Monday, 25 February 2019

[Book 39] Essentials of Technical Analysis for Financial Markets by James Chen

Serial No.- 39 

Category:- Informative Book (2. Business & Investing)

Book:- Essentials of Technical Analysis for Financial Markets

Author:- James Chen

Language:- English

Publisher:- John Wiley & Sons Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey.

Published:- April 1st 2010

No. of Pages:- 305

My after reading review (February 25, 2019):- For a while I have decided to trade and invest in financial market. But to become a trader one need to be master on financial market. I need to study on financial market, market research and of course market analysis. There are two kinds of market analysis any traders or investors should master. One is fundamental analysis which is based on economics and another one is technical analysis which is based on mathematics. This book is all about technical analysis.

I wouldn’t say that this book is the ultimate book on technical analysis, and you don’t need to read any other book after reading this one and you would be able to start trading immediately after finishing this book. Rather this book is a nice one for any beginners like me. This is a basic level book so any reader can get a basic overview about technical analysis. And also it’s an easy to understand book, written in very easy language. Good book to start with.

I have read this book to get an introductory idea on what technical analysis actually is. This kind of basic knowledge will help me in future for farther reading. When I will read more advanced reference book on this topic, this knowledge will help me to understand everything better.

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