Saturday, 9 February 2019

[Book 38] ICSE Mathematics for Class X Book II

Serial No.:- 38

Category:- Academic Study ( 0. Mathematics )

Book:- ICSE Mathematics for Class X Book II

Authors:- O.P. Malhotra, S.K.Gupta, Anubhuti Gangal

Language:- English

Publisher:- S.Chand & Company Ltd.

Published on:- First Edition 1979, This copy is the revised edition 2014. Reprinted in 2015.

No. of Pages:- 528

My review ( February 09, 2019):-  This is the review of class – X math book. It’s the second book of high school (Junior) mathematics. The book contents the following topics –
1.      Commercial Mathematics
a.       Compound Interest
b.      Sales Tax and VAT
c.       Banking
d.      Shares and Dividends
2.      Algebra
a.       Linear Inequations in One Unknown
b.      Quadratic Equations
c.       Reflection
d.      Ration and Proportion
e.       Factorization – Factor Theory
f.       Matrices
3.      Geometry
a.       Symmetry
b.      Similarity
c.       Loci
d.      Circle
4.      Mensuration
a.       Circle – Circumference and Area
b.      Three Dimensional Solids
5.      Trigonometry
a.       Trigonometrical Identities and Tables
b.      Height and Distances
6.      Coordinate Geometry
7.      Statistics
a.       Histogram and Ogive
b.      Arithmetic Mean, Median, Mode and Quartiles
8.      Probability


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