Monday, 14 January 2019

[Book 35] Mathematics Today for Class VII

Serial No.:- 35 
Mathematics Today VII

Category:- Academic Study ( 0. Mathematics )

Book:- Mathematics Today for ICSE Class VII

Authors:- O.P. Malhotra, S.K.Gupta, Anubhuti Gangal

Language:- English

Publisher:- S.Chand & Company Ltd.

Published on:- First Edition 1979, This copy is the revised edition 2014. Reprinted in 2015.

No. of Pages:- 381

My review ( January 14, 2019):- This is my first book review of this year (2019).As usual this is the review of class VII school math book. For a while I am doing reviews of school math books of all classes from Nursery to Class XII. This class VII book is one of that book series.

The book contents following topics:-

1.      1.  Set Theory
a.       Set Concepts
b.      Operations on set
c.       Venn Diagram
2.      2. Pure Arithmetic
a.       Number System
b.      Integers
c.       HCF and LCM
d.      Fractions
e.       Decimals
f.       Powers and Roots
3.     3.  Applied Arithmetic
a.       Ratio and Proportion
b.      Unitary Method
c.       Percentage
d.      Distance, Time and Speed
e.       Average
4.      4. Algebra
a.       Algebraic Expressions
b.      Formula
c.       Exponents
d.      Some Special Identities
e.       Factorisation of Algebraic Expressions
f.       Simplification of Algebraic Fractions
g.      Linear Equation in One Variable
h.      Linear Inequations
i.        Graphs
j.        Relations and Mapping
5.      5. Geometry
a.       Basic Geometrical Concepts – Lines and Angles
b.      Parallel Lines
c.       Basic Constructions
d.      Triangles
e.       Congruence of Triangles
f.       Polygons
g.      Circles
h.      Symmetry
i.        Reflection
j.        Rotation
6.      6. Mensuration
a.       Perimeter and Area
b.      Volume and Surface Area of Solids
7.      7. Statistics
a.       Frequency Distribution and Mean
b.      Graphical Representation of Data


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