Saturday, 10 November 2018

[Book 32] Mathematics Today for Class VI

Serial No.:- 32 

Category:- Academic Study ( 0. Mathematics )

Book:- Mathematics Today for ICSE Class VI

Authors:- O.P. Malhotra, S.K.Gupta, Anubhuti Gangal

Language:- English

Publisher:- S.Chand & Company Ltd.

Published on:- First Edition 1979, This copy is the revised edition 2014. Reprinted in 2015.

No. of Pages:- 366

My review ( November 10, 2018):- After reviewing pro school and primary school math books, I have just started reviewing middle school (Class - VI, VII, VIII) math books. And this particular book is for Class VI children of Indian School Board ICSE. As it is for middle school kids, obviously the contents are a little bit advanced and in-depth than primary school books (Class - I, II, III, IV, V).

Overall the book is great for school students. The contents in this books are well organised. 

The book contents following topics.
  1. Pure Arithmetic
    1. Number System - Natural, Whole and Integer Numbers
    2. Operations on Integers - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
    3. Factors and Multiples
    4. Fractions
    5. Decimals
    6. Powers and Roots
  2. Applied Arithmetic
    1. Ratio and Proportion
    2. Percentage
    3. Profit, Loss and Discount
    4. Simple Interest
  3. Algebra
    1. Algebraic Expressions
    2. Operations on Algebraic Expressions - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
    3. Linear Equations in One Variable
  4. Geometry
    1. Basic Geometrical Concepts - Point, Line and Plane
    2. Angles
    3. Parallel Lines and Transversal
    4. Practical Geometry - Basic Constructions
    5. Circle
    6. Triangles
    7. Linear Symmetry
  5. Mensuration
    1. Perimeter and Area of Plane Figures
    2. Volumes and Surface Area of Solids
  6. Statistics
    1. Bar Graphs, Pie Graphs and Line Graphs
  7. Set Theory
    1. Sets - Basic Concepts

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