Tuesday, 24 April 2018

[Book 24] Gosaipur Sargaram - Comics Version

Serial No.- 24 
Gosaipur Sargaram (Comics Version)

Category:- Fiction (Bengali Literature)

Book :- Gosaipur Sargaram || গোঁসাইপুর সরগরম || (English name "The Mystery of the Walking Dead") - Comics Version

Author:- Satyajit Ray (2 May 1921 – 23 April 1992)

Drawing:- Avijit Chattopadhyay

Language:- Bengali

Publisher:- Ananda Publishers, 45, Beniatola Ln, Kolkata - 700009

Published:- 1st published in January,2010

No. of Pages:- 64

My after reading opinion (April 25, 2017):- Gosaipur Sargaram, a Feluda series detective story, is a perfect example of a story of a beautiful Bengal's native village Gosaipur ( Gram banglar palli samaj with the incredible descriptions of that days old style Bengali lifestyle.  Nothing new to say about genius Satyajit Ray's creativity, the way how he described each and every scenarios wonderfully. 

That's why here I shall only discuss about the artist Mr. Avijit Chatterjee, how he has drawn each scenes of the comics book with his incredible artistic hand. He has beautifully drawn each illustrations and simulate with the words of description of Satyajit Ray nice way. Mr. Chatterjee made the Feluda series more colourful and beautiful with his fine artistic hand. Salute to this artist for making Feluda more enjoyable and fun. 👍

I bought this book and gave to my nieces as a beautiful gift.

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Sunday, 15 April 2018

[Book 23] How To Be Funny by Stanley Lyndon

Serial No.- 23 

Category:- Non-Fiction ( 8. Self Help, Spirituality)

Book:- How To Be Funny

Author:- Stanley Lyndon

Language:- English


Published:- First Edition 1997. This is the revised edition (2008).

No. of Pages:- 266
How To Be Funny by Stanley Lyndon

My after reading opinion (April 15, 2018):- My sense of humor is very poor. People easily get bored when I start talking. Forgot about others, sometimes I myself become bore. How silly and dull person I am. 😭

I should not be so upset. Because not everyone is by born funny. Not everybody is by born talented in each and every field. If I am not naturally funny, at least I could try to be one. Because "Habit is a second nature".

As I started knowing how important it is to be a funny person for everyone in their social life, their personal as well as professional field etc. Below are some of the advantages to be funny.
1. Funny people have more friends. They looks more social.
2. Funny people more likely get noticed at work and become more successful in life.
3. Funny people make more money. They achieve success in business easily.
4. Funny people don't get widgies in high school.
5. Funny people get better service in stores or good as a salesperson.
6. Funny people live longer.
7. Funny people are smarter.
8. Being funny can cover up a multitude of sins.
9. Funny people look more attractive.
10. Being funny is obviously important enough in happy relationship.
and so on...

After knowing those bright sides, anyone would be eager to improve their funny and humorous part. And starting with this book I have just tried to open to door of funny world. This book is very basic yet very powerful. It covers all the basic building blocks to be funny. That is why I consider readers to start with this simple one. 

The author Stanley Lyndon, a respected Hollywood comedian who has written punch lines for such sitcoms as Will and Grace and Friends, has written this book called How to be Funny. How to be Funny is not just a book full of punch lines you can memorize and forget when it's time to deliver. No. This book will actually teach you how to be naturally funny and help you become a real charmer in the process.

Inside How to be Funny Stanley Lyndon reveals his secret 6-element formula. The book will teach you the science behind delivering the right joke at the right time, so you won't even have to think about it. You'll just know what to say in a specific situation. It will all happen naturally and the result will be great - you'll get the laughs and you'll get the admiration that follows.

Stanley Lyndon is promising to turn you into a funny, witty, and fun-to-be-with person in just 7 days with his book. Learning the lessons in this book will be an absolute confidence booster that will help you take on whatever situation you find yourself in.

That's all about what I have learnt from this book. Now it's time to practice in day to day life to improve natural funny and witty characteristics. 😝

 Have fun and enjoy your life. 😆

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