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[BOOK 19] Getting Started with Ubuntu 16.04

Serial No.- 19
Getting Started with Ubuntu 16.04

Category:- Non-Fiction (9. Computer & Technology)

Book:- Getting Started with Ubuntu 16.04

Authors:- The Ubuntu Manual Team

Language:- English

Publisher:- CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published on:- April 28, 2016

No. of Pages:- 141

My after reading opinion ( December 31, 2017):- I have been a Windows user since I am using computers. But recently I have decided to start using Linux OS. Because I was unaware of the power of an open source software like Linux.
But right now I came it touch of it, gather knowledge about Linux, learn a little bit and decided to switch to Linux user. Because if you have a little bit more technical knowledge and you are not using Linux as your PCs operating system that means you are just limiting yourself. You are limiting your true potential to command and to control your own computer.

It's okey if you are a beginner computer user and you are using Windows or Mac OS X instead of Linux OS. Or probably your purpose to use a computer is just your work specific and not computing oriented. May be you are using your computer to get your work done or just for fun, entertainment, gaming and some Internet browsing etc. Then it's okey to use Windows or Mac etc. 
But if you want your full control over your PC, than I recommend using Linux operating system. You are limiting yourself if you are not using Linux. Because other OS gives you a very limited and restricted options to control your one machines. And of course you need some technical knowledge and interest to play around with computing.

That's why I decided to become a Linux user. But which distro should I start?  
Few popular Linux deistros
There are lots of Linux distributors out there right now. It's easy to get confused for the first time. Linux distributors or distros are just like different flavours of Linux. Some popular Linux distros are Debian, Red hat, fedora, Ubuntu, LinuxMint, Arch, OpenSusi etc. Ubuntu is one of the user friendly distros which gets popularity in a very short period of time. It comes with both easy to use GUI and CLI interfaces. Great choice both for newbies and advanced Linux users. And most importantly Ubuntu has large software center and great technical support community.

So, I decided to download and install latest Ubuntu version 16.04 LTS according to the compatibility of my PC hardware (32bit). But hey, I am new here. So get the user manual of the exact versions "Getting Started with Ubuntu 16.04" and start reading.

After finishing this user guide, get confident to use Linux. This manual is very easy to understand, practical oriented and informative. Mostly GUI interfaces, which is good for beginners has been described and also covered the basic of CLI interfaces. Also I came to know about lots of keyboard shortcuts and other useful technical stuffs. The knowledge I get from this Ubuntu user manual, is going to help me in future.

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