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[Book 16] Curriculum Primary Level (Classes I – V)

Serial No.- 16
Curriculum Primary Level

Category:- Non-Fiction (10. Education & Reference)

Book :- Curriculum Primary Level (Classes I – V), CISCE

Author:- Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations

Language:- English

Publisher:- Research, Development and Consultancy Division (RDCD), Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations

Published:- First Edition, November, 2016

No. of Pages:- 346

My after reading opinion (December 19, 2017):- This curriculum I have read before going farther to review primary school math books.
So, I shall get helpful ideas of learning those elementary level mathematics from those school kids point of view. This type of curriculum are also useful for teachers, parents of primary school kids and authors also.
Students, who are in the primary classes (I to V), are not with complete developed brain, unlike an adult person. So, their learning system also will be different from us. That's why we the authors, the teachers, the parents must understand children's school curriculum, syllabus, study materials from a kids point of view.
That is how we can improve the way we educate our kids, we can improve the teaching and learning methods. To do that we need to read this types of curriculum first.
My intention to read this curriculum was to understand the curriculum of Mathematics only. But along with mathematics, I learned other subject's curriculum too. So, I get a broad idea of primary school curriculum, such as, what we should include, what we shouldn't in their academic schedule etc.
It's an CISCE curriculum and they have included following subjects in their curriculum -
!st Language (Englist), 2nd Language (i.e. Hindi), Mathematics, Enviromental Studies (Class - I,II), Science (Class - III,IV,V), Social Studies (Class - III,IV,V), Computer Studies and Arts Education.
Here I am going to discuss only about the Mathematics section (Because this is what I was looking for). So, in primary school level CISCE curriculum Mathematics contents these following major themes -
1, Arithmetic (Numbers, Number Operations, Playing with Numbers, Negative Numbers)
2. Geometry
3. Mensuration (Measurement)
4. Statistics (Data Handling)
5. Patterns
And this is what I have got from the above geometry section, which is the most valuable contents in the entire curriculum for me -

"Dutch Mathematicians Dina van Heile- Geldof and Pierre Marie Heile clubbed the learning of geometry for a child in five stages:
Stage 0: Visualisation includes recognition and naming of shapes.
Stage 1: Analysis, includes describing the attributes of shapes.
Stage 2: Informal Deduction i.e. classifying and generalizing by attributes.
Stage 3: Deduction to develop proofs using axioms and definitions.
Stage 4: Rigor, generate proofs using various methods."

This is a very effective methods and this is how any children learn geometry in their early stages. I didn't know about this facts before. This is totally new information to me.

And not to mention but this situation is proving once again that no books, no contents are useless. Every books in the world have something worthy, valuable knowledge to give.


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