Friday, 1 September 2017

[Book 8] Mathematics Today - Book 0-A

Serial No.- 8
Mathematics Today - 0A

Category:- Academic Study (Mathematics)

Book :- Mathematics Today Book 0-A (for L.K.G)

Author:- O.P. Malhotra, S.K. Gupta.

Written in:- English

Publisher:- S.Chand & Company Pvt. Ltd.

Published:- First Edition 1979. This version is reprinted in 2013.

No. of Pages:- 68

My after reading opinion (September 01, 2017):- This book is written for Pre-School, Lower Kindergarten (L.K.G) students. So, this is a very basic level book for any kids to start their journey into the world of mathematics. Also I want to implement even better way to teach mathematics to those children through the more relevant, fun, interesting and effective way. To do that first of all I need to gather lots of knowledge and experience on this specific field.
And I like the writing style of the authors of this “Mathematics Today” book series. So I grab this book and looked into each and every chapter closely.
What this Book is providing:-
  • Pre Number Concepts:- Such as – Matching, as many as, more than, fewer than.
  • Basic Number Concepts (from 1 to 10) developing skills to recognise numbers, write numbers, count numbers, increment by 1 concept with wonderful number rhymes and colourful illustrations. And of course the order concepts using counting and back counting drills.
  • The Concept of zero (0).
  • Then the skills of recognising, writing, counting numbers from 11 to 20, which is extended up to 50 in the next chapter.
Over all this is a great book for any Pre-School (L.K.G) students to develop fundamental concepts of Pre-Mathematics and Mathematics.

Thank you.

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