Friday, 22 September 2017

[Book 13] Stretching Anatomy by Arnold G. Nelson, Jouko Kokkonen

Serial No.- 13 
Stretching Anatomy

Category:- Non-Fiction ( 4. Health & Fitness/ 11. Sports & Games )

Book:- Stretching Anatomy

Author:- Arnold G. Nelson (PhD), Jouko Kokkonen (PhD)

Written in:- English

Publisher:- Human Kinetics

Published:- First Edition November 16, 2006

No. of Pages:- 160

My after reading opinion (September 22, 2017):- Body flexibility is must for any athletes. It is essential for any fitness trainer, any ordinary person who want to fit. But unfortunately now a days people are focusing more on other exercises such as cardio exercise, weight training etc. and giving less importance to flexibility training. Though flexibility training like yoga, stretching, pilates etc. are as important as other exercises.

I am doing yoga since I was in middle school. And right now I am deciding to include another one (Stretching) into my workout schedule. Though I think yoga is the best way to increase body flexibility, but that doesn't mean others (Stretching, Pilates etc.) are not so effective. Instead those are very effective way to get great flexibility in a short period of time. Also it is good to do some varieties, instead of doing the same thing.

That's why I have read this awesome book on "Stretching". This book is great for anyone from beginners to advance trainer. And the best part is it gives in depth explanation of anatomy, physiology of our different body parts. It's clearly showing which body muscles will be effected for doing which exercise.

And last but not least the book is full of great colourful illustrations of anatomical body parts with major muscles names.

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