Friday, 22 September 2017

[Book 13] Stretching Anatomy by Arnold G. Nelson, Jouko Kokkonen

Serial No.- 13 
Stretching Anatomy

Category:- Non-Fiction ( 4. Health & Fitness/ 11. Sports & Games )

Book:- Stretching Anatomy

Author:- Arnold G. Nelson (PhD), Jouko Kokkonen (PhD)

Written in:- English

Publisher:- Human Kinetics

Published:- First Edition November 16, 2006

No. of Pages:- 160

My after reading opinion (September 22, 2017):- Body flexibility is must for any athletes. It is essential for any fitness trainer, any ordinary person who want to fit. But unfortunately now a days people are focusing more on other exercises such as cardio exercise, weight training etc. and giving less importance to flexibility training. Though flexibility training like yoga, stretching, pilates etc. are as important as other exercises.

I am doing yoga since I was in middle school. And right now I am deciding to include another one (Stretching) into my workout schedule. Though I think yoga is the best way to increase body flexibility, but that doesn't mean others (Stretching, Pilates etc.) are not so effective. Instead those are very effective way to get great flexibility in a short period of time. Also it is good to do some varieties, instead of doing the same thing.

That's why I have read this awesome book on "Stretching". This book is great for anyone from beginners to advance trainer. And the best part is it gives in depth explanation of anatomy, physiology of our different body parts. It's clearly showing which body muscles will be effected for doing which exercise.

And last but not least the book is full of great colourful illustrations of anatomical body parts with major muscles names.

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

[Book 12] Royal Bengal Rahashya - Comics Version

Serial No.- 12 
Royal Bengal Rahashya - Comics Version

Category:- Fiction (Bengali Literature)

Book :- Royal Bengal Rahashya (means "The Royal Bengal Mystery") - Comics Version

Author:- Satyajit Ray (2 May 1921 – 23 April 1992)

Drawing:- Avijit Chattopadhyay

Written in:- Bengali

Publisher:- Ananda Publishers, 45, Beniatola Ln, Kolkata - 700009

Published:- 1st published in January, 2012. This version is the 2nd edition and it was printed in July, 2016.

No. of Pages:- 80

My after reading opinion (September 19, 2017):- I have just bought another book of Feluda series (Comics Version) from Ananda Publisher's College Street Store. This time also bought two copy of the same book for my two nieces. They enjoyed the comics version of Feluda series very much. When I was kid there was no comics version of this series. I have read the original stories (text version) that time. Whatever comics version is great for children. They enjoy it very much. Also I enjoyed this story second time, same story different test (comics). It help me to recall my teenage memories once again.

Great book, nice pictures, good quality printing. Thanks to the publisher for publishing this series. Hope they will publish other stories of this detective series soon.

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Saturday, 9 September 2017

[Book 11] Mathematics Today 0

Serial No.- 11 
Mathematics Today 0

Category:- Academic Study ( 0. Mathematics )

Book:- Mathematics Today 0

Authors:- O.P. Malhotra, S.K.Gupta, Anubhuti Gangal

Written in:- English

Publisher:- S.Chand & Company Ltd.

Published on:- First Edition 2012

No. of Pages:- 122

My after reading opinion ( September 09, 2017):- I have already posted reviews about two preschool books Mathematics Today Book 0A and Mathematics Today Book 0B on my previous blog posts. This book is nothing new, but the combination of those two book. This book is mentioned as the book for all preschool classes.
Whatever, here what the book has been contained.
  • Pre Number Concepts
  • Numbers (0 and 1 to 100)
    • Read and Recognise
    • Write
    • Count and Back Counting
    • Order
    • Comparison (=,>,<)
    • Concepts of "Tens"
    • Number Making
    • Operations (+,-)
    • Ordinals
  • Pre Space Concepts
  • Shapes
  • Applications (Money, Time)
This book is full of useful diagrams, colourful illustrations, cartoons, rhymes, tables and chart which makes learning more fun, interesting and effective to any children.

Thanks :)

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

[Book 10] Mathematics Today Book 0-B

Serial No.- 10  
Mathematics Today Book 0-B

Category:- Academic Study ( 0. Mathematics )
Book :- Mathematics Today Book 0-B

Author:- O.P.Malhotra and S.K.Gupta

Written in:- English

Publisher:- S.Chand

Published:- First Edition 1979. This version is reprinted in 2017
No. of Pages:- 84

My after reading opinion (September 05, 2017):- I have already discussed about the first part of this book series on my previous blog post “Mathematics Today Book 0A”, which was for L.K.G students. This book named “Mathematics Today Book 0B” is little bit advanced as it is for Pre School Upper Kindergarten (U.K.G) students.
Here, what is covered in this book.
  • Pre-Number Concepts
    • Long and Short
    • More than, Less than 
  • Numbers (1 to 100)
    • Comparison (=,>,<)
    • Concept of Tens
    • Number Making
    • Order
    • Read and Write numbers
    • Counting and back counting
    • Filling the missing numbers
    • Increasing and decreasing
  • Before, After & Between
  • Operations (Between 0 to 10)
    • Addition (with 'Addition Table' up to 10)
    • Subtraction
  • Number Stories (on Addition and Subtraction)
  • Ordinals ( up to 5th)
  • Applications

    • Money
    • Time
  • Pre-Space Concepts

    • Inside-Outside
    • Right and left
  • Shapes

Saturday, 2 September 2017

[Book 9] High-Intensity Interval Training by Sean Bartram

Serial No.- 9 
High-Intensity Interval Training

Category:-Non-Fiction (4. Health & Fitness / 11. Sports & Games)

Book :- High-Intensity Interval Training

Author:- Sean Bartram

Written in:- English

Published by:- Penguin Random House LLC

Published on:- 2015

No. of Pages:- 243

My after reading opinion (September 02, 2017):- HIIT training is the key of all cardio exercise. I have done lots of steady state cardio exercise before such as - jogging, skipping, swimming, cycling etc. But I was unaware about this amazing cardio called HIIT or High-intensity interval training. This was totally new word to me. Anyhow, now I came in touch with this and I wanted to know more about HIIT exercise. So, I pick up this wonderful book named "High-Intensity Interval Training" by Sean Bartram and start reading.

So, What is HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training?
According to Sean Bartram "High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, has exploded in recent years due to its promise of an efficient and effective way to meet fitness goals. Different trainers and instructors approach HIIT in different ways, but at its core, HIIT should always involve alternating short intervals of high intensity, all-out exercise with short intervals of rest or active recovery."
  1. HIIT is great both for quick fat loss and cardiovascular endurance as it burn fat fast also it makes your heart and lungs very strong.
  2. It's good both for professional athletes and also any person who wants to be fit, loose fat, look shaped and wants strong cardiovascular health.
  3. The most beautiful part of this exercise is you don't need to spend hours at the gym to achieve your desire goals. It takes relevantly less time than traditional steady state cardio exercise.
  4. You can start HIIT anywhere such as home or garden or any playground.
  5. You don't have to spend lots of money to purchase expensive gym equipments to do workout as HIIT requires almost no equipments.

Not only will you burn calories and fat during your HIIT workout, you will also burn calories and fat following your workout through the “after burn” effect, or EPOC (excess postexercise oxygen consumption). EPOC is the measurable increased rate of oxygen intake following strenuous activity intended to erase the body’s oxygen debt.
In order to erase the oxygen debt, fatty acids are released and used as fuel for recovery. You cannot take advantage of this after burn by doing low-intensity exercise. Only by working anaerobically at maximal heart rate will you see this added fat loss effect. EPOC has been shown to last over 48 hours.

And, this book describes everything very clearly with lot's of colourful pictures. The author included Dynamic Stretching as warm up, which is great. He divided HIIT routines into three different levels according to the difficulty level. Also, he categorized so many unique exercises into four groups, such as - cardio, upper body, core and lower body. After reading the book I came to know so many useful HIIT exercises, what I didn't know before and I wish to include HIIT in my workout schedule soon.

Thank you.

Friday, 1 September 2017

[Book 8] Mathematics Today - Book 0-A

Serial No.- 8
Mathematics Today - 0A

Category:- Academic Study (Mathematics)

Book :- Mathematics Today Book 0-A (for L.K.G)

Author:- O.P. Malhotra, S.K. Gupta.

Written in:- English

Publisher:- S.Chand & Company Pvt. Ltd.

Published:- First Edition 1979. This version is reprinted in 2013.

No. of Pages:- 68

My after reading opinion (September 01, 2017):- This book is written for Pre-School, Lower Kindergarten (L.K.G) students. So, this is a very basic level book for any kids to start their journey into the world of mathematics. Also I want to implement even better way to teach mathematics to those children through the more relevant, fun, interesting and effective way. To do that first of all I need to gather lots of knowledge and experience on this specific field.
And I like the writing style of the authors of this “Mathematics Today” book series. So I grab this book and looked into each and every chapter closely.
What this Book is providing:-
  • Pre Number Concepts:- Such as – Matching, as many as, more than, fewer than.
  • Basic Number Concepts (from 1 to 10) developing skills to recognise numbers, write numbers, count numbers, increment by 1 concept with wonderful number rhymes and colourful illustrations. And of course the order concepts using counting and back counting drills.
  • The Concept of zero (0).
  • Then the skills of recognising, writing, counting numbers from 11 to 20, which is extended up to 50 in the next chapter.
Over all this is a great book for any Pre-School (L.K.G) students to develop fundamental concepts of Pre-Mathematics and Mathematics.

Thank you.

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