Thursday, 24 August 2017

[Book 7] Curriculum for PreSchool - CISCE

Serial No.- 7
PreSchool Curriculum

Category:- Non-Fiction (10. Education & Reference)

Book :- Curriculum for PreSchool - CISCE

Author:- Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations

Written in:- English

Publisher:- Research, Development and Consultancy Division (RDCD), Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations

Published:- First Edition, November, 2016

No. of Pages:- 94

My after reading opinion (August 24, 2017):- This is a manual of preschool curriculum for CISCE Indian School Board. Preschool is generally held for 3-5 years old kids. Preschool is important to prepare a child for formal education before entering primary school.

The reason why I read this manual is to know the proper brain development of a child of these ages. It can help us to understand and choose the proper learning materials, methods for kids between 3-5 years. To write math books I really need to know those types of valuable stuffs. What is a child's brain capacity, what they can learn easily, which one seems hard to them, which contents should I include into my books etc. What is the proper way to teach children so they can learn more easily, effectively and of course the fun way, instead of old, boring, painful traditional way.

Though this curriculum describes every subjects, but I specially focused on Mathematics. It gives me a gross idea to write good quality math books for preschool students.

From this curriculum I came to know what is mainly included in their syllabus such as Pre-Number, Shapes, Patterns, Number concepts upto 20 etc. And the learning methods must be more focused on playing based instead of textbook reading. Such as math toys and objects, Math story, rhymes and songs, math games and puzzle etc.

This is a great curriculum. I highly recommend to read this manual to all preschool teachers and preschool students parents before teaching their kids.

Thank You.

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