Sunday, 4 June 2017

[Book 6] Indian Economic Development - NCERT Economics Class XI

Serial No.- 6
Indian Economic Development

Category:- Academic Study (Commerce)

Book :- Indian Economic Development - NCERT Economics Class XI

Author:- "National Council of Educational Research and Training" Team.

Written in:- English

Publisher:- National Council of Educational Research and Training, Publication Team.


No. of Pages:- 201

My after reading opinion (June 04, 2017):-

This is the second part of CBSE School Board Class - XI Economics. As we all need to know about our country's history, geography etc. Similarly one should know about his/her country's economical conditions.

In this book lot's of factors about Indian economical facts have been discussed. Such as economical conditions before independence, during independence and after independence till now. It also covered how we achieve our today's economical developments since independence. What we have achieved and what we haven't. In future which types of steps we need to take to improve our country.

This book focuses on factors to develop a country's economics. It deals with development policies, liberalisation, privatisation, globalisation, poverty, human capital, rural development, agriculture, industry, service sectors, employment, infrastructure etc.

If I never read the book, I shall never be able to know such important and valuable informations about out country's economics.
As I have learned so many things about Indian economics, everyone need to know their own country's economics. Economics is as important as the knowledge of history, geography etc. of a nation.

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