Saturday, 29 April 2017

[Book 5] Statistics for Economics - NCERT Economics Class XI

Serial No.- 5
Statistics for Economics

Category:- Academic Study (Commerce)

Book :- Statistics for Economics - NCERT Economics Class XI

Author:- "National Council of Educational Research and Training" Team.

Written in:- English

Publisher:- National Council of Educational Research and Training, Publication Team.

Published:- First Edition - February 2006. This version is reprinted on November 2013.

No. of Pages:- 138

My after reading opinion (April 29, 2017):-

This is my first time experience with the subject "Economics". I never read economics before. So I can't give any opinion about the syllabus or the contents about this Class 11, CBSE school book. But, I can say about the subject economics, that it's a very interesting subject. I enjoyed it very much. This is just the beginning of my Economics Learning.

In this particular book, the importance of statistics in the field of economics is described wonderfully. Statistics is the essential tool we used to analyzed and understand the different economic data and able to get some useful conclusions.

In this school syllabus (CBSE-NCERT), there are three more Economics books, such as "Indian Economic Development" (for class XI), "Introductory Microeconomics" (for class XII) and "Introductory Macroeconomics" (for class XII). I shall go through all these three books too, as it is very important subject for everyone to study.

Special Note:- I have divided academic study of a subject in 4 different level according to it's depth, complexity etc.
Such as - 1. Baby Mode:- School level syllabus
2. Easy Mode:- Bachelor Degree (General) syllabus
3. Medium Mode:- Bachelor Degree (Honours) syllabus
4. Hard Mode:- Master Degree (P.G.) syllabus

So, whenever I shall pick a subject to study, I shall try to go through from Baby Mode (which is school level books and seems much easier to read and understand a topic) to as much as Hard Mode.

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