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[Book 2] Tourist Guide Book of Sundarbans

Serial No.- 2

Category:- Non-Fiction (12. Travel & Leisure)

Book :-  Tourist Guide Book of Sundarbans

Author:-  Joydeb Das and Amal Nayek

Written in:- English

Published by:- Champa Mahila Society, Shibganj, Basanti, South 24-Parganas, West Bengal, India.

Published in:- 2014

No. of Pages:- 78

My after reading opinion (December 29, 2016):- It was a winter season family tour between Dec 28, 2016 to Dec 31, 2016. and the place was none but world's largest tiger reserved mangrove forest and world's largest delta "Sundarbans", which is located 40% in the south part of the state West Bengal of the country India and 60% in the country Bangladesh. Though we visited only the Indian part of the forest (40% only), but it was a great experience.

There was a X-mas season fair going on near a native village of the forest, and I found the book and bought it. I believe "Any tour without a tourist guide book is just like a blind person is crossing a road without his stick". When we go to a tour to a completely new place we should read the tourist guide book first to enjoy the tour better. It will help us to know the place better way - we shall come to know how many places to visit, interesting facts about the tourist area, interesting places, hotels, resorts, it's history, geographical characteristics, species to see, native people's lifestyle, cultures, literacy rate, their occupations etc. Because when you read the guide you get the theoretical informations and then when you visit the place you recall and feel the knowledge practically. And that is a great idea to boost your tour to a new level.

Not only that, if you read any tourist guide book first, you will be able to understand how many places have we visited and how many is still left to visit.

From all perspective, this "Tourist Guide Book of Sundarbans" helped me very well. Thanks to the authors for writing this great book.

Also we enjoyed the December season family tour very well. It was a great vacation.

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