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My Journey through the Ocean of Knowledge (Books) - Main Article

My Journey through the Ocean of Knowledge (Books) - Main Article

Book is our true friend. It demands nothing from us, only gives enormous amount of knowledge. It changes us by developing our brain, our personality. Books help us to explore our knowledge by increasing our analytical ability. It changes our vision to the way we see our surroundings.

There is no friend as loyal as a book
One of my teachers said, "Read whatever book you have in your hand, whatever paper you have. Don't think, just read. Don't think if it's good or bad before reading. How could you know that a particular book is good or bad, if you never open it? So, first read it. That's how you will come to know something like 'Oh! it's a good topic' or something like 'it's all about bad things, we should keep ourselves away from those stuffs etc.' So, keep reading.”

Reading books became one of my hobbies or it's more than just a hobby. Right now I became knowledge addicted. Actually I intentionally wanted to be addicted on books. It's not too hard to become a book addicted person. Just start reading, then a few more and then a lots of books. Whenever you start to learn more and more, sooner you will realize that you know less and less. As much as books you study, you realize that your knowledge is lesser and lesser. 

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.” - Albert Einstein

This is the jugglery of books - never ending thirst of knowledge. Because knowledge is endless. There is a way in the world of knowledge, but no way out. And that's the fun part. Newton once said about himself... 
A famous quote from the Great Mathematician & Physicist Sir Isaac Newton

I have divided Books in three different categories according to it's various kinds knowledge, purpose of reading etc. Such as
I. Academic Study
II. Non-fiction (Informative) Books
III. Fiction (Literature) Books

I have made a gross list of books and topics what I want to read in mu entire life. After seeing my reading list people might say, hey you have just set an unrealistic goal. I know, I know it seems unrealistic. I am not saying that I must finish all topics I have mentioned below or I could. It's just a rough list of topics what I am interested in. And I want to see how much books I shall be able to finish in my entire life. Yes. entire life, it's a goal set for my entire life.
That means the duration is entire life. And my self-made syllabus (list of topics) is described below

I. Academic Study:- Mathematics is my favourite subject. I consider it as my main subject.
Also I want to study beyond Mathematics. I want to self-study (not to get any fancy degrees, only for knowledge) on other subjects too.

0. Mathematics:-  0. Arithmetic,  1. Geometry, 2. Mensuration, 3. Elementary Algebra, 4.
Trigonometry, 5. Coordinate Geometry, 6. Differential Calculus, 7. Integral Calculus, 8. Classical Algebra, 9. Abstract Algebra, 10. Vector Analysis, 11. Linear Algebra, 12. Linear Transformation, 13. Analytical Geometry, 14. Mathematical Analysis, 15. Analytical Dynamics, 16. Analytical Statics, 17. Probability, 18. Statistics, 19. Linear Programming, 20. Game Theory, 21. Complex Analysis, 22. Integral Transform, 23. Tensor Calculus, 24. Graph Theory, 25. Metric Spaces, 26. Real Analysis, 27. Ordinary Differential Equations, 28. Partial Differential Equations, 29. Computational Mathematics, 30. General Topology, 31. Functional Analysis, 32. Differential Geometry, 33. Algebraic Topology, 34. Integral Equations, 35. Measure Theory, 36. Discrete Mathematics, 37. Multi vibrate Calculus, 38. Theory of Manifolds, 39. Lie Group & Lie Algebra, 40. Mathematical Logic, 41. Number Theory, 42. Algebraic Geometry, 43. Automata Theory, 44. Category Theory, 45. Differential Topology, 46. Universal Algebra, 47. Theory of Linear Operations, 48. Banach Theory, 49. Algebraic Coding Theory, 50. Non-Euclidean Geometry etc.

1. Language:-  Only Bengali (Mother Tongue) and English (International Language).

2. Science:- Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Astronomy.

3. Commerce:- Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Business Organization and Management, Business Mathematics, Costing & Taxation, Business Laws etc.

4. Arts:- History, Geography, Political Science, Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology, Economic Geography, Fine Arts and Crafts, Music, Education, Agronomy, Nutrition, Physical Education, Mass Communication, Journalism etc.

5. Engineering:- Only Electronics

6. Medical:- Only Psychology

7. Law:- Only Business Laws

8. Management:- Business Administration 

9. Computer Science

10. Environmental Studies.

Different academic disciplines or fields of study

II. Non-fiction Books for Information:- Sky is the limit. And to increase knowledge only academic study is not enough. There are lots of valuable topics to learn about outside the academic courses. Here are a few of them I am trying to categorised.

1. Arts & Entertainment:- Drawing, Music, Dance, Fashion, Film & Television, Humor, Magic Tricks, Photography, Poetry, Theater, Fine Arts & Crafts etc.

2. Business & Investing:- Industries, Accounting, International & Small Business, Management and Leadership, Marketing and Sales, Outsourcing, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Productivity, Franchising, Advertising, Personal Finance, Mutual Funds, Trading & Investing, Insurance, Stocks, Real Estate etc.

3. E-Business & E-Marketing:- Internet Marketing, E-commerce, Affiliate Marketing, PPC, SEO & SEM, Social Media, Blogging, Email Marketing, Domain & Web Hosting etc.

4. Health & Fitness:- Strength Training, Nutrition, Yoga, Diets, Weight Loss, Meditation, Remedies, Spiritual Health, Mental Health, Anti-aging, Anxiety, Beauty, Muscle Build etc.

5. Cooking, Food & Drink:- Cooking, Baking, BBQ, Recipes, Special Diet, Regional & International Dishes, Veg and Non-veg Recipes, Drinks & Beverages etc.

6. Home & Gardening:-Interior Design & Decorating, Gardening & Horticulture,  DIY, Alternative Energy, Green Living, Domestic Repairing, Animal Care & Pets, Crafts & Hobbies, Swing, Wedding Decoration etc.

7. Family & Relationships:- Parenting, Baby Care, Adolescent Care, Elder Care, Holidays, Pregnancy, Retirement, Relationships, Cross Culture, Dating, Affairs, Divorce, Long Distance, Friendship, Love, Marriage, Singles, Domestic Violence, Engagements etc.

8. Self Help, Spirituality:- Self Improvement, Motivational, Stress Management, Self-Esteem, Public Speaking, Time Management, Self-Defence, Goal Setting, Happiness, Leadership, Memory Training, Positive Attitude, Anger Management, Speed Reading, Success, Survival, Creativity, Spirituality, Religious Activities, Prayer, Sacred Books , Empowerment etc.

9. Science & Technology:-Scientific Discoveries & Encyclopedia, New Inventions, Science Journals, Sci-fi,  Technology, Computers, Mobile, Programming, Graphics Designing, Animation, Multimedia, Hardware & Networking, Radio, TV, Satellite, GPS, Internet etc.

10. Education & Reference:- News & Society, Politics & Current Affairs, GK, Legal Issues, Career Advisor, Higher Education, Student Loans, Sociology, Global Economics etc.

11. Sports & Games:-History of Sports, Olympics, Other Regional & International Tournaments, Sports Encyclopedia, Rules and Regulation of different Sports, Indoor and Outdoor Games, Fitness Training for Athletes, Athlete’s Diet, Sports Coaches, Mentors, Teem Sports, Sports Associations, Combat Sports, Gymnastics, Athletics, Swimming etc.  

12. Travel & Leisure:- Travel & Tourism Guide, Outdoors, Vacation, Timeshare, Travel Planning. Tourist Place Guide, World Tour, Hiking & Camping and much more.
Some major non-fiction categories
I want to learn as much as possible in my entire life. There is no limits of knowledge, there is no end of learning.

III. Fiction Books for Entertainment:- I am interested on Bengali and English literature. And as I said earlier, if it's all about entertainment then I like to prefer listening audio books (stories, novels, dramas etc.) rather than reading. Because listening mp3 files is more relaxable and enjoyable. I like to enjoy listening literature.
Bengali and English Literature
Let's see  how much I can finish in my entire life.

Everybody knows regular diary writing is a good habit. But I don’t have that one. Instead I write book reviews regularly on my blog. After reading a book I write my personal opinions about the book, what I have learnt from that, what the book is all about etc. To keep a little bit of writing habit, I consider it as an alternative of diary writing.
Keep reading my blog posts. 

Famous quote of philosopher Socrates
I know what you are thinking after reading this article. But I want to say one thing, just one famous quote "If people are not laughing at your goals, that means your goals are too small."

Thank You.

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