Saturday, 14 August 2021

[Book 63] How to Build and Design a Website using WordPress: A Step-by-Step Guide with Screenshots

Serial No.:- 63

Category:- Informative Book (9. Science , Computer & Technology)

Book:- How to Build and Design a Website using WordPress: A Step-by-Step Guide with Screenshots

Author:- William S Page

Language:- English

Publisher:- Independently Published

Published on:- 2020 edition (30 June 2020)

No. of Pages:- 278

My after reading review (August 14, 2021):-
"Technology makes our life easier". WordPress CMS (content management system) is a perfect example of this statement. Nowadays, online business is on a boom. Everyone wants to get their business to the next level. As the number of online small businesses is growing day by day, so the use of websites. Everyone needs a website for their branding, small business, local store, public figure etc. But not everybody is tech-savvy, not everybody knows how to code and how to build a website traditionally. The good news is you don't need to. Content management systems like WordPress makes it easy for everybody. Now without knowing any coding knowledge anyone is building their brand new professional website and building their online existence.

WordPress is an amazing open-source tool allowing its users to design their website on the front end. You just need a domain, a hosting service and a little bit of basic knowledge to install and run WordPress on the server. That's it. Your very own website is live now.

I am into 'online business for almost 7 years. But I never felt that I needed a business website. As time goes, my business is growing, so I think now it's time to get a site. As usual, before I jump into building my site, I like to grab a few basic knowledge to make sure not to make any mistakes. I prefer reading an instructional book in this case. I was finding a very basic level WordPress book, what the book is made for. The book is perfect for beginners. It's written in easy to understand language.

Also, it is designed for non-technical people. So anyone who wants to build his/her very own website must check this book out.

One drawback of this book is, it's a little bit over priced as a beginners level book.

Thank you.




Wednesday, 4 August 2021

[Book 62] Adobe Photoshop CC Classroom in a Book (2019 release)

Serial No.:- 62 

Adobe Photoshop CC Classroom in a Book
Category:- Informative Book (9. Science , Computer & Technology)

Book:- Adobe Photoshop CC Classroom in a Book (2019 release)

Author:- Andrew Faulkner and Conrad Chavez

Language:- English

Publisher:- Adobe Press

Published on:- 1st edition (10 January 2019)

No. of Pages:- 416

My after reading review (August 04, 2021):- Knowing a skill is not enough. Sometimes we must update our knowledge time to time. I am a graphic designer. I hold a diploma in graphic designing. So of course I know Adobe Photoshop. But it's better to recall my Photoshop skill sometimes. That's why I decided to revise my knowledge of Photoshop, reading this adobe's own Photoshop book classroom in a book cc 2019 edition. Since I am using adobe's cc 2019 versions, and I haven't upgrade my software package yet, I decided to read cc 2019 edition of some adobe's books. I decided to read 10 books of this series followed by Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Audition, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Animate, Dreamweaver, Xd and Lightroom. I just finished Adobe Photoshop Classroom In A Book (2019 release) and started reading Adobe Illustrator. So this is my after reading review of Adobe Photoshop.

Though this is great book to learn complete Photoshop in a single book, but it's not in depth and you cannot use it for reference book. Because Photoshop is so vast and so much to learn and do, you just can't expect anything from a 400 pages book. This book is great for beginner's to learn the software. The book covers everything one needs to start working on Photoshop - from layers to masking, colour correction to photo composition, typography etc. The book is full of clear and easy to understand colourful pictures. If you are new and want to learn this powerful photo editing, graphic designing software, then I highly recommend this book. But if you are intermediate or advanced level Photoshop user and want to be master in it, then you have to read other in depth books.

Overall it's one of the Adobe Press's great products. In is written in a great way so learner can easily catch any topics.

Thank for reading.

Thursday, 22 April 2021

[Book 61] Cryptocurrency Mining For Dummies by Tyler Bain and Peter Kent

Serial No.:- 61 

Cryptocurrency Mining For Dummies
Category:- Informative Book (9. Science , Computer & Technology)

Book:- Cryptocurrency Mining For Dummies

Author:- Tyler Bain and Peter Kent

Language:- English

Publisher:- For Dummies

Published on:- 1st edition (2 January 2020)

No. of Pages:- 368

My after reading review (April 22, 2021):-  Blockchain Technology is one of the most fascinating technologies ever invented in the early 21st century. It is going to change the world. I have been into Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain for almost over 2 to 3 years. However I have lost the early golden era of crypto mining back in those days when you were able to mine a decent amount of Bitcoin using your personal computer only. That time I didn’t know anything about Bitcoin. Nowadays you need costly and more powerful mining rigs to mine cryptocurrency. Though I am late to the party, I wanted to give a try in Bitcoin mining. But before I jumped into the field of crypto mining, I must first know the details about Bitcoin mining. So I started reading this book before I buy any rigs.

First of all this is a very helpful book. As usual dummies series books are great for beginners. If you are thinking about starting crypto mining, you must first be aware of what crypto mining is, how much initial capital is required, what is the electricity cost, is it still profitable or not.
To know all these types of stuff you must read a good book before you make any decision to invest. And this “Cryptocurrency Mining for Dummies” book is a great place to start. The book is divided into 5 main parts. Parts 1 is all about the basics of cryptocurrency. If you are new into that area, then this part is going to help you. In part 2 the evolution of cryptocurrency mining. Part 3 will educate you about how to start mining from the scratch and becoming a crypto miner. Pare 4 of the book is going to teach you about how to calculate the mining profitability. And last but not least, part 5 is full of valuable tips and tricks.

The book is a must read book for anyone who wants to start crypto mining. But after reading this book I find crypto mining is not so profitable anymore. Mining rigs are so costly that it may take years to get back your initial investment. Your profits are going to become minimal after subtracting electricity bills. If you decide to use solar energy then you have to invest another huge amount of money to install huge solar panels. Also it takes up a huge space. And the rigs are so noisy and generate huge amounts of heat. The profits are not sustainable as the value of cryptocurrencies are very volatile. Sometimes, it might run in a loss. So I decided not to mine. I didn’t find it much profitable, that doesn’t mean you also don’t find it profitable. And if you decide to start mining, then I highly suggest you read the book first.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 13 February 2021

[Book 60] Delavier's Core Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier and Michael Gundill

Serial No.:- 60 

Delavier's Core Training Anatomy

Category:- Informative Book (11. Sports & Games)

Book:- Delavier's Core Training Anatomy

Author:- Frederic Delavier and Michael Gundill

Language:- English

Publisher:- Human Kinetics

Published on:- 1st edition (10 October 2011)

No. of Pages:- 144

My after reading review (February 14, 2021):- Nowadays people are more obsessed with six-pack abs to look better. But I might like to say that abdominal and core training exercises are not only to build six-pack abs. It has other benefits too, such as - 

  1. To get six-pack abs
  2. To get slimmer waist
  3. To maintain cardiovascular health and fitness
  4. To increase athletic performance

I am into sports and also interested in bodybuilding too. So I have all four reasons to do core exercises. 

Building six-pack abs is not easy, especially if you have belly fat. You need to take care of special exercises designed only for core muscles. That’s why I bought this book apart from other whole body exercise books I have. Delavier’s Anatomy books are great and this "Delavier's Core Training Anatomy" is no exception. The book is divided into three different parts - 

  • The factors to get great results
  • Core muscles exercises
  • Workout programs for abdominal and core muscles

Again exercises are divided into three different parts according to the three different major abdominal muscle groups - 

  1. Upper abdominal muscles
  2. Lower abdominal muscles
  3. Obliques

Though the book doesn’t content all the possible abs exercises. So many exercises are out there that I do regularly are not included here. The book just focuses on main main core exercises. But still it’s impressive. It’s a great book for anyone whoever wants to build their abs and improve core muscles.

Thursday, 24 December 2020

[Book 59] Delavier's Mixed Martial Arts Anatomy by Frederic Delavier

Serial No.:- 59 
Delavier's Mixed Martial Arts Anatomy

Category:- Informative Book (11. Sports & Games)

Book:- Delavier's Mixed Martial Arts Anatomy

Author:- Frederic Delavier

Language:- English

Publisher:- Human Kinetics Publishers

Published on:- 1st edition (3 October 2013)

No. of Pages:- 144

My after reading review (December 24, 2020):- In all sports, strength training is an essential part. Mixed Martial Arts is no exception. Different sports have their own specific strength training program. Even strength training for athletes is totally different from typical bodybuilding workouts. The “Delavier's Mixed Martial Arts Anatomy” is designed only for Mixed Martial Artists to increase their strength to perform better in the ring.

I picked up this book because I am involved in MMA. I am passionate about the world's toughest sport MMA and I consider it as my extra curricular activity. I have been practicing MMA for a while. 

This book is especially designed to do strength training only helpful for MMA athletes to increase their sport specific strength. The Book is full of more than 120 exercises. There are thousands of different workouts out there but not all are helpful for MMA fighters. So practicing all types of exercises is a waste of time. Do only those exercises that are useful for MMA only and spend more time practicing techniques to become a superior fighter. And this book is perfect from this point of view. It’s a must have book for every MMA fighter. 

This book covers strength training exercises to improve following seven sections - 
  1. Neck, Trapezius and Jaw
  2. Abdominal Wall
  3. Punches and Elbow Strikes
  4. Kicks and Knee Strikes
  5. Grabs, Pulls and Strikes
  6. Chokes and Countermoves
  7. Lifts and Throws

Saturday, 14 November 2020

[Book 58] Introducing Quantum Theory: A Graphic Guide by J.P. McEvoy and Oscar Zarate

Serial No.:- 58 

Introducing Quantum Theory
Category:- Informative Book (9. Science & Technology)

Book:- Introducing Quantum Theory: A Graphic Guide

Author:- J.P. McEvoy and Oscar Zarate

Language:- English

Publisher:- Icon

Published on:-
6 September 2007 (4th edition)

No. of Pages:-

My after reading review (November 14, 2020):- No doubt, Quantum Theory is the most successful scientific discovery in the entire human history. At the same time it confronts us with bizarre paradoxes which contradict the logic of classical physics and come out with a lot of questions. And these scientific questions make the theory more fascinating and attract scientists from all over the world to learn and dig into this mysterious theory. Right now quantum theory is the hot topic in the entire science community. Our understanding of the fundamental nature of the universe and how it works is continuously changing as we are digging the theory more and more.

From high school physics classes I am fascinated about this new topic of physics. Quantum Theory has been developing for the last 100 years. It started in the late 19th century and continues. Right now the theory is in it’s infant state. However there are many famous physicists like Plank, Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, Shrodinger etc. contributed to develop the theory. It didn’t happen overnight. The puzzle of the wave-particle duality, Bohr’s “Copenhagen Interpretation”, the famous “dead and alive cat”, the “EPR Paradox”, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and the structure of an atom etc. are still unsolved.  

Now come to this book. This introductory book is generally designed for teens to get interested in this fascinating theory. So obviously it is written in easy language and with less mathematical equations. So people who are not science students can also read and understand the book. Basically the book does not describe the theory itself. Instead it is more about the developments of quantum theory over the years - how different physicists contributed to discover different facts of quantum theory etc. This is more like the history book of quantum theory in a very fun and story telling way. It’s a very brief book full of illustrations. It’s very enjoyable to read. Everyone should read  and learn about the most fascinating discovery in human history, at least in introductory level.


Monday, 9 November 2020

[Book 57] Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy by Bret Contreras

Serial No.:- 57 

Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy
Category:- Informative Book (4. Health & Fitness)

Book:- Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy

Author:- Bret Contreras

Language:- English

Publisher:- Human Kinetics (T)

Published on:-  1 January 2013 (1st edition)

No. of Pages:- 224

My after reading review (November 11, 2020):-
Bodyweight exercise is probably the most common strength training exercise in the world. Resistance training using your own body weight is called bodyweight exercise. Some most common bodyweight exercises are push up, chin up, dip, sit up, squat etc. These types of exercises are not new to me. I have been doing bodyweight workouts for almost 15 years. But still there are so many different types of variations of different exercises. There are so many different types of exercises I need to know. That’s why I bought this book and read it.

As I expected I learned so many different types of new exercises from this book. Though the book is not complete. There are several exercises I do regularly that are not included in the book. However the book is full of useful and effective exercises. All over it is a great bodyweight exercise book for everyone from athletes to bodybuilders, for general fitness purpose users to fat loss etc. it doesn't matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced user, the book fits the needs of everyone. The book covers whole body parts to workout - arms, neck and shoulder, chest, core, back, thighs, glutes and calves with full illustrations.

The best thing I like about bodyweight is That you don’t need to buy expensive gym equipment or don’t need to go to the gym to workout. You can workout at home with almost on equipment or using some household furniture. This book explains every exercise very effectively. So not doing workout and not being physically fit is just another unnecessary excuse in the case of bodyweight. So, stay fit, stay healthy.